is dedicated to providing individualized therapy for clients and comprehensive education for psychotherapists. 

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Introduction to EMDR, Courtesy of EMDR International Association:

As a licensed psychotherapist,

I tailor my treatment approach to meet my clients' individual needs. Using an integrated therapy approach, I have successfully worked with adults, very young children and families to resolve many issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, phobias and relationship difficulties. I believe that by providing a safe compassionate space and effective tools, clients can resolve problems and find answers. I am a Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist and an Approved EMDR Consultant. I have successfully used EMDR for the past 12 years as a powerful therapeutic method to accelerate the treatment of reprocessing painful traumatic memories. 


I specialize in helping people work through experiences which leave them feeling "stuck". While an incident may not seem traumatic, trauma is subjective. An event may be traumatic enough to prevent full enjoyment of life. I use EMDR to help clients resolve issues and a wide range of problems, from a single recent car accident to years of childhood abuse. 

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As an EMDR trainer,

I use these same skills that I use as a therapist when I conduct workshops and trainings. If you are looking for clinical workshops that, are interactive and where participants leave with new skills and a positive attitude - try my course.  In both the Basic and Advanced EMDR trainings, I use an individualized approach and provide a safe space in which to learn. I also provide consultation to mental health professionals seeking certification in EMDR, as well as other workshops for mental health professionals. I conduct Play Therapy Workshops and Infant Mental Health Workshops.


I was an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University School of Social Work. As a provider of continuing education for mental health professionals, I create enjoyable workshops that are based on current research. 


I invite prospective clients to explore my website to learn more about treatment modalities and therapists to explore upcoming workshops and resources.