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Testimonials - Workshops

Roxanne is an outstanding presenter she has a very engaging style of teaching, explains concepts very clearly, and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge. This was by far the most useful, comprehensive course I have ever taken. Roxanne was the most competent and generous teacher I have ever had in a course including for my master’s degree.


Roxanne has a professional, but fun, approach to training. She kept our group engaged the entire time. Her stories were powerful, educating, and applicable to training topics. She is very approachable and eager to help best training I've ever participated in.


 It was good to have the five days to process all of the information and really learn the material. This was a great training . I learned so much and realize I know so little and need great practice. Thank you, this exceeded expectations Roxanne you are an amazing teacher.


This training was the most effective, informative, and engaging training I have ever received.


It has transformed my understanding of trauma and its treatment. EMDR will be the cornerstone of my practice. Presenter style of engagement and obvious expertise made it very easy to learn. Was it a terrific training - even the scary parts of role play!


Amazing opportunity to learn and practice new skills I'm mazing training! I feel so lucky to have been here. Thank you


Thank you Roxanne! I felt comfortable and supported during this process. An amazing class, very informative. I was engaged the entire time. Good feedback and all questions were answered


The course exceeded every expectation I had and I truly feel prepared to use EMDR with clients as soon as I go back to work.


Roxanne is a brilliant instructor. Roxanne did a phenomenal job of engaging us and making the material relatable. She is real, genuine and created an environment of safe disclosure, and open communication.  Roxanne is a GREAT facilitator, her extensive experience and passion made this training excellent.

Great training that will change how I interact with all of my clients.


I loved all capitals this training. I didn't want it to end. I learned so much in love Roxanne’s teaching style I loved Roxanne’s level of expertise with integration of client examples throughout the training Roxanne’s energy humor and passion for EMDR intervention is evident and fuels the five day intensive course.


Roxanne was great, very energetic, very knowledgeable, good balance with humor. I wasn't sure the five day intensive was would be for me, I thought it might be too much. But it's the best training I've ever been in and I would say take any course taught by Roxanne. Just a great experience.


Loved the instructor. She was the best part of the training!


This course came highly recommended and I can see why. I will also recommend it to future clinicians. This has been the greatest training experience and I'm leaving feeling confident that I can begin practicing with the continued consultation I truly enjoyed the training.


Roxanne was able to break everything down where it was easy to understand. I found Roxanne’s patience and her ability to simplify, concepts most helpful.


This has been such a fantastic training, just perfect Roxanne’s ability to explain and provide examples were great. Amazing material and lots of resources that are useful. The whole training was very helpful.


I loved this training. Roxanne was incredible. The organization was very thorough, and I feel very well prepared.


Roxanne is an excellent presenter, loved the real life examples. Roxanne was very engaging and not boring even after five days! A very intense training but well worth the time .


I loved Roxanne’s  teaching style and energy thank you for being so thorough patient and knowledgeable.


Roxanne was fantastic. She is very engaging and made a five day training a lot of fun engaging and informative best training I've ever been to.


Excellent training! I highly recommend Roxanne, she is incredibly generous with her time. She is open and respectful to all individuals.


Roxanne was great!! Such a great instructor made things easy to understand. Easy to talk to and ask questions so helpful and well prepared.


I'm very happy that I made the decision and took the course. This was a wonderful experience. Thoroughly satisfied. It has been life changing for sure I will go home with a new type of therapy so I can help my clients even more. I love the real life examples the handouts and the tips. Thank you so much for everything. Roxanne is a fantastic presenter! This was an amazing experience! Roxanne is so helpful and informative, great person to learn EMDR from incredibly engaging.


Excellent training, thoroughly satisfied with the content. Roxanne made the theory much more understandable with her examples.  Best training ever I definitely want to continue with EMDR great training . I appreciate so much that we were able to practice and watch a real session that brings the information together so nicely.


Truly, I have never felt a course deserves a perfect score but this course surely does loved this training thank you


Excellent! I am so glad I invested my time into this, feel more confident as a professional as a result of learning these new skills loved the time and emphasis on practice practice practice and also taking it piece by piece.


This was the best class ever! I appreciated the handouts and great teaching style great training Roxanne is easy to interact with and open for us to ask questions


Very good training instructor.  She was energetic, showed patience, answered questions and was creative loved the live examples the binder the supplemental materials.


Best training in years! Can't remember the last time I felt this excited about the work! My clients and I thank you.


Absolutely a fantastic training! This was one of the best trainings I've had as a therapist. I know I will be able to begin to use these skills so immediately.


This was the best clinical training I have attended. Long days were broken up well with varied practice, changing partners, humor and just the right amount of examples. Definitions were clear and articulate, discussions were applicable and on target. Roxanne was personable kind and relatable.


Trainer was super knowledgeable friendly and engaging loved this training I will highly recommend this training to others. I found her engagement and warmth most helpful


Roxanne’s personality and style of presenting teaching was perfect. Comfortable and supportive but also challenging.


Roxane was so kind and personable and clearly invested in my learning and EMDR development. So helpful the quiz was helpful, the outline the script the practice switching partners frequent practice oversight of practice assessment complete and thorough presentation dynamic presentation with the use of humor. The perfect balance of expertise leadership and scaffolding. Thank you for your generosity with time material and resources.


Such a great class! I really enjoyed this and learned so much. I don't want it to end. I appreciate the relaxed environment and the genuine personality of the trainer. Plus, I appreciated the teaching style, thought put into the structure of the class, and the student to instructor ratio. You did a wonderful job I appreciated the genuine laid-back approach versus strict learning environment you can see how passionate and knowledgeable you are


Best training I've taken on any subject in the last 10 years extremely well organized and clear. So impressed with the presenter and her ability to gauge the pace of the participants learning.


Roxanne was highly knowledgeable the material was clear and helpful. Great use of handouts PowerPoint and educational materials. Training was amazing! Roxanne was kind, knowledgeable, interactive, and held the room!


Amazing training!! Cohesive and effective presentation of complex material. Enjoyable and inspiring. Perfect mix of lecture practice and question and answer in a safe learning environment

Testimonials - Therapy

…It’s a long read but hopefully well worth it. Thank you so much for everything, and especially for helping save my life. Being a fireman isn’t an easy job. Sure, there are those stations that only run a few calls a year and rarely see traumatic events, but those calls still stack up over a career or before your career is even close to being complete. When I’m meeting people for the first time, if they don’t have any ties to the fire service they often ask “what’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen?” Well, the answer isn’t one you would ever expect.

Not only does this question make me flash back to every traumatic event I’ve lived through and witnessed in my own short career, but it reminds me of what my family is put through also. What has really been driven home to me lately is not only am I having to process and live through peoples worst life events, while also surviving my own life threatening events on the job, but this stuff travels home with me too. As much as any one of us want to believe we leave work stress at the fire station, those memories don’t just magically disappear when we get in our vehicles to drive home. Unfortunately work’s struggles make it back to our homes as much as we try to compartmentalize everything and leave the worlds worst scenarios behind us on that drive home.

So what is my answer to the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my career?

The answer is how it affects my girls… My wife and daughters. When I leave for work they know I might not make it home. They know it could be that last goodbye. Not because what we do is inherently dangerous all the time, but depending on where you are assigned danger does lurk around every corner. The pain I see in their eyes and hear in their voices knowing I’m going to work, even though I have a scheduled day to come home, I still might not make it back because of staffing shortages is the worst thing I deal with. Having to look your loved ones in the eyes and walk out that door knowing you are the cause of their anxiety even though you are just trying to provide for them is the hardest thing about my job. I don’t get to come home every night, or even every other night, sometimes not for 10, 20, 40, or even months at a time and they know as soon as I walk out that door they aren’t guaranteed to see me when my schedule says I’m supposed to be off duty. 

So why is this all so important? Because it stacks up and runs over your life at some point. More and more the people that care the most about the craft and the profession are becoming over saturated with the feelings of failure. One never really realizes they are at the point of needing help until they are toeing the line at the point of no return. 

I work for an agency that is relentless. I’m proud of who I work for and in no way ashamed of it, but we are setting our new folks up for failure from day 1. We are continuously hiring, often times most folks going to work for their first shift and not returning home until 30 plus days later. No other agency does this. In a matter of one month we subject our employees to the same amount of trauma and call volume it takes almost every other agency 3 months to do. Even if we were to cut down that ratio of 3:1 into 2:1 days on duty and exposure to traumatic emotional events, over a 25 year career in my agency we are exposed to a 50 year career at almost any other agency. Now there are exceptions to every rule, but this has become normal for the agency I work for. We are brainwashed into the “can do” attitude of do more with less, failure is never an option, and the agency needs you more than you need time off. So it now comes as no surprise to me that after 8.5 years with this agency I just had to go de-fragment 17 years worth of the worst things this world has to offer. 

This is where it gets heavy. For the last 3.5 years of my life, I haven’t cared if I lived or died and at times even wanted to end it all myself multiple times. Let that sink in… 3.5 years worth of wondering if living was worth it all while still doing everything I can every time I’m at work to delay morbidity and mortality until the people we serve got to the care they needed. I was trying harder to save other people’s lives than my own. I don’t bring this up for sympathy, empathy, or self attention. I just want awareness for the first responders in uniform around us and also for the first responders to see in themselves. 

For the first time in 3.5 years I am excited to see tomorrow. I have a lot to live for in life, but because of the relentless calling of the job it slowly faded until I was consumed by my question of “is life worth living?” I had battled with everyone is better off without me, I’m worth more dead than alive, addictions, and just the feeling of not being able to do it anymore. But all of those negative thoughts are finally gone. I admitted I need help 2.5 months ago and I’ve successfully completed that part of my journey. 

I owe a huge thank you to Roxanne and the 11th Hour Trauma Retreat team. They are world class and absolutely amazing at what they do. Many people don’t register just how many lives these therapists save. I will be forever grateful. I also owe a thank you to everyone I work with. As relentless as my agency works us, as soon as I asked for help I had it in under 24 hours. And also to my family… without them I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Thank you to everyone.



I am a 72 year old female who has suffered for at least 65 years from extreme fear and anxiety of any medical procedure to the point where I have passed out (with my blood pressure dropping alarmingly low) even listening to others start to describe a procedure that they have experienced.   When I recently needed surgery that could not be put off, I underwent EMDR therapy under the supervision of Roxanne Grobbel.  I had 2 sessions.  Got through the IV hookup with no adverse effects.  I just underwent another required surgery where they had a great deal of trouble inserting the IV in one hand.  It did not phase me at all.  Before the EMDR I would have been out cold at the first attempt.  Sixty-five years of needless anxiety.  EMDR gets to the initial trauma and reprocesses it so that there are no longer triggers to the original trauma.

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